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About AngioTeacher

The first interactive medical educational software application produced by the company is AngioTeacher. It is designed to help students learn to interpret coronary angiograms through a three-dimensional computed tomographic angiographic model of the heart.


Learners manipulate three-dimensional models to further understand anatomical relationships.


Models are compared to same-case coronary angiograms, providing an authentic clinical learning environment.


A pilot study showed students using AngioTeacher scored higher on tests than those using conventional methods.


AngioTeacher is available now for classroom and individual use. Contact us to download a licensed copy.

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Choose Your Product General Coronary Angiography
Description This is the first of the services that our users can acquire. It will offer an innovative, quick and easy way to learn how to interpret coronary angiograms.
Included Content

Practical Guide to Cardiac Catheterization ( 366 days )

Included Dataset Data

AngioTeacher Dataset 1 - normal anatomy model ( 366 days )

Included Exams

AngioTeacher Novice Level Exam ( 366 days )

Price $300.0