Three facets of our technology explained

February 24, 2017

Our technology enables self-learning of advanced angiography interpretation skills, and has the following three facets. If you have enrolled in any of our services then that "product" may include granting you user access to one or more of the facets we describe here.

1) 3D simulation technology as an app on the iPad:

The AngioTeacher app offers a unique interactive 3D environment on the iPad to explore the anatomy of the human heart and its various vessels. The App allows you to see any of these structures grouped in categories. You can view one or more groups separately or together and with different levels of transparencies (which allows seeing some through others!). The app also allows the viewing of any or all structures from any 3D perspective. Different rotations of course show the structures to have different shapes when viewed on a 2D screen of a computer or through an angiography CT image or video. Like a simulator, the App also allows a comparison (mapping) of angiography images correlated to corresponding 3D views. This helps enhance the skills of the cardiologist, technician or student.

AngioTeacher (the App) only runs on the iPad. It is freely downloadable from the Apple App Store, and because it only runs on the iPAd, it is more easily searched and found on the App Store when using an iPad. Once downloaded on the iPad, it will THEN require one or more datasets to be equipped with anatomy models. Without one of those datasets, the app would be empty. To acquire a dataset, you need to subscribe for one of our products which includes a dataset. Once subscribed on this online website to a product that includes a dataset, your app would be able to download the appropriate dataset automatically, but the app will ask you for your credentials which are your username (email address of account on this website) and password for the same account. If you do not have an account, you can easily create one (sign up).

To clarify, if you had signed up, and already purchased access to a dataset or a product package that includes access to a dataset, and have already downloaded the free AngioTeacher App from the App Store, then simply run the App on the iPad, and provide the APP with your credentials (username and password) of your online account. This credentialing process will only need to be done once. After that, the App (AngioTeacher) will run every time on the iPad without needing any logins or credentialing.

2) Online learning materials (content):

This aspect is like a book but with hypertext and ability to jump between topics by clicking on them within the text. It provides quick navigation between learning materials. This content contains text, images and video clips is written or compiled by cardiology and angiography experts.

If you have subscribed to one of our products which includes sections of online content, please visit the "Content" section of our website services and you will be able to access that educational content there.

3) Online (exam) assessment:

A user can be examined on various skills acquired through the above. The exam is based on multiple questions, and each may have text, images and video clips too. Depending on the question, some allow more than one answer to be selected. Different exams and different questions may target different topics with different prescribed weightings per topic. The “correctness" and “importance" of each answer were prescribed different relative weightings to allow assessment of various grey areas frequently experienced in decision making during advanced tertiary medical care. When taking the same exam more than once, the user may encounter a different set of questions randomly selected from a large pool of questions.

If you have subscribed to one of our products which includes one of our exams, please visit the "Exam" section of our website services and you will be able to access the relevant examination to assess you, online.